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Excited about the realization of the non-physical aspect of the self as part of his own Spiritual Awakening, Sagar Sonker began sharing his experiences with those around him. As people recognized the lucidity of the practical implementation of what Sagar shared, they began applying it to their lives and saw positive results as well. They started contacting him through various channels, which is when Sagar made the decision to create this website.

The 37-year-old is a boy next door, living a very normal life, just like anybody else. He believes that the purpose of life is to do what makes you happy. Everything from Fashion to Spirituality interests him. Everything that is being done here contributes to his joy, and if - while doing that - he can contribute to the joy of others, it's indescribably wonderful.

Awaken with Sagar   

Sagar is a Spiritual Life Coach, Spiritual Advisor and Personal Counsellor. Through his 400+ YouTube video Life Hacks, Events, Activities, and Interactions, he has been helping people worldwide with implementing simple methods to bring happiness back into their lives for the last 11+ years now. To receive regular updates about his work, you can connect with him on Facebook or Instagram @awakenwithsagar

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Sagar is a Certified (and globally accredited):
♦ Life Coach;
♦ Law of Attraction Practitioner & Teacher;
♦ NLP Practitioner;
♦ Teacher in English as a Foreign Language (TEFL);

Dance With Sagar
Dancing is one of Sagar's Passions, and he is glad to have been creating short acting / dancing videos. Check them out on Facebook or Instagram @dancewithsagar
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Sagar comes with around 10 years of industry experience in IT Software QA, and a Master of Science's degree in Software Systems. He is presently fully engaged in his Life Coaching ventures, as part of which, he also visits colleges and institutes within the Pune University for academic and non-academic activities. Check his professional profile on LinkedIn

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At this point, he believes it is important for his readers to know that he's a Homosexual guy and life was never so wonderful for him. His interests include photography, dancing, writing, and traveling.
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I happened to meet Sagar on Facebook by chance, now it's been about a year knowing him and I do not regret a day. He is a fantastic coach for me, as if God sent, always available to provide constant support and encouragement. I have approached him several times for coaching regarding improvisation in certain areas of life and it has always helped tremendously in the areas as well self well-being... I feel a certain connection with him, and look forward to stay connected with him life long (Amen). So far I have also attented 30 days Spiritual Fun Workshop twice on WhatsApp conducted by him and it has helped big time knowing and understanding life and self in simplified way and has helped gain lot of clarity. His workshop has been very inspiring fun-filled with new knowledge and info. His interactive and humorous approach makes his programs very attractive and interesting. Lots of innovative ideas and concepts to keep us activated and interested in the activities. Desperately awaiting to meet him in person and attend his live program near my city in coming times..... Thank you from the core Sagar for helping us have the right perspective and teach the importance of being Happy, Healthy and Hopeful!!! I would recommend each and everyone to seek him for betterment of one's personal growth. His personal website is a Must see and Must read for every soul. It's food for the soul.
Anita Prasad, Mumbai
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Did 7 days Affirmation challenge. It was a nice activity in this hectic technology world to get connected and get going..It made me think many aspects which I never used to think earlier. I would like to thank my friend Aditi for referring me and Sagar sir for his constant efforts.
Kriti Kulshrestha
7 Days Affirmations Challenge