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.Awaken with Sagar

Excited about the realization of the non-physical aspect of the self as part of his own Spiritual Awakening, Sagar Sonker began sharing his experiences with those around him. As people recognized the lucidity of the practical implementation of what Sagar shared, they began applying it to their lives and saw positive results as well. They started contacting him through various channels, which is when Sagar made the decision to create this website.

Through his Life Hacks, Events, Activities, and Private Coaching, Sagar has been helping people worldwide with implementing simple methods to bring happiness back into their lives for the last 9+ years now.

He is a boy next door, living a very normal life, just like anybody else. He believes that life is supposed to be fun-filled, and everything from Fashion to Spirituality interests him. Everything that is being done here contributes to his joy, and if - while doing that - he can contribute to the joy of others, it's indescribably wonderful.

Awaken with Sagar
Education is the process of learning or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits. With this simple definition in mind, Sagar provides Spiritual, Non-spiritual, Professional, and Personal Development Programmes to everyone who is inspired to learn from him. He believes that one's life is incomplete and underdeveloped without having imbibed this knowledge. To receive regular updates about his work, you can connect with him on his Facebook Page: Awaken with Sagar Sonker.

Sagar is a Certified (and globally accredited):
♦ Law of Attraction Practitioner & Teacher;
♦ NLP Practitioner;
♦ Teacher in English as a Foreign Language (TEFL);

Sagar comes with around 10 years of industry experience in IT Software QA, and a Master of Science's degree in Software Systems. He is presently fully engaged in his Life Coaching ventures, as part of which, he also visits colleges and institutes within the Pune University for academic and non-academic activities.
In parallel, he is also contributing his bits and pieces and leveraging his experience towards a Startup in Pune, as a Consultant (Quality Engineering).

Personal Life
Visit his Bio page to read some of his fun-filled achievements in life. At this point, he believes it is important for his readers to know that he's a Gay guy and life was never so wonderful for him. His interests include photography, dancing, writing, and traveling. Sagar hosts the website

Links on the top bar of this website take you to a treasure of interesting stuff. The "What's New" section refers you to his latest updates. If you haven't interacted much with him, please don't mind if he does not accept your Friend Request on his personal profile.

Really those five days of Virtual Boot Camp were amazing. Sagar crafts the activities so well with such a greatttt understanding that we get enough chances to peep inside us n become aware of our negativity,sometimes embedded deep inside.When we know our feelings completely then only we can improve ourselves n we get enough chances to apprehend our feelings here in the camp. So I would love to attend such Camps in future also ........thank u sooooo much Sagar for everything!!!!
Rajni Salhotra,
5 Days Virtual Bootcamp

It was my third workshop with Sagar Sonker . but it has gone to another level altogether. I am very happy that I have met him on fb and attented all his workshops so far. If I look at myself few years back, I have changed a lot in a much better person. As they say "when there is will..there is a way" I had will n Sagar have showed me the way.. Magic has started happening in my life and am very happy with my life now. I am adding life into days now. :) with these small small activities we have got the art to live our lives. :) We had lots of fun too. We really enjoyed the activities. It's never stops to give us. It's just we stop to take. And through his law of attraction activities we have open the gates of all the opportunities. I highly recommend him to everyone. If you are going through any issue in life. You must talk to him. Thanku Sagar for your guidance. Looking forward for more fun :)
Priyanka A.,
30 Days Fun Spiritual Workshop