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Excited about the realization of the non-physical aspect of the self as part of his own Spiritual Awakening, Sagar Sonker began sharing his experiences with those around him. As people recognized the lucidity of the practical implementation of what Sagar shared, they began applying it to their lives and saw positive results as well. They started contacting him through various channels, which is when Sagar made the decision to create this website.

The 39-year-old is a boy next door, living a very simple and normal life, just like anybody else. He believes that the purpose of life is to do what makes you happy. Everything from Fashion to Spirituality interests him. Everything that is being done here contributes to his joy, and if - while doing that - he can contribute to the joy of others, it's indescribably wonderful.

Awaken with Sagar   

Sagar is a Spiritual Life Coach, Spiritual Advisor and Personal Counsellor. Through his 100+ YouTube video Life Hacks, Events, Activities, and Interactions, he has been helping people worldwide with implementing simple methods to bring happiness back into their lives for the last 13+ years now.

You may follow his updates on his YouTube Channel: awakenwithsagar

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Certifications, Degrees, & Career:
Sagar is a Certified (and globally accredited):
→ Life Coach;
→ Law of Attraction Practitioner & Teacher;
→ NLP Practitioner;
→ CEFR Level C1 (IELTS Band 8) (2021);
→ Teacher in English as a Foreign Language (TEFL);
→ Master of Science's degree in Software Systems;
→ 1st ranker in Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology (at his Department);
→ 8th ranker in Pune HSC (12th) Board;
→ 3rd ranker in SSC (10th) at School;

Sagar worked full-time in IT Software QA for over 10 years. Quit working full-time for his spiritual interests, however, he presently enjoys working on-demand on part-time Passion Projects (software as well as others). Check his professional profile on LinkedIn

English With Sagar
Sagar believes in continuous learning. He is a Fluent English speaker, writer, reader, and a listener, and hosts an English Group. Contact him to know more.

English Tip
You can RIDE a horse. You can never "ride" a motor-driven machine (unless using the word for fun). Whether a 2-wheeler or a 4-wheeler, you always DRIVE it. When you are operating it, you always DRIVE it. When you're sitting on the backseat, however, you can use RIDE (Pillion Riding is a commonly used term).

Dance With Sagar
Dancing is one of Sagar's Passions, and he is glad to have been creating short acting / dancing videos. Check them out on Instagram: sagarsonker

Personal Life  
Sagar's interests include traveling, photography, dancing, and writing. You may follow his updates on Instagram: sagarsonker
At this point, he believes it is important for his readers to know that he's a Homosexual guy and life was never so wonderful for him.
Sagar hosts the website

Very different concept Sagar.....It was really very useful.80% was my performance.From this challenge I came to know we get angry on unwanted things and make our energy week.If we control on our anger wonders will be created.....And many times we even don't recognize that we r angry or irritated we feel it's OK....But in this workshop I came to know that difference.Thank u so much Dear Sagar. Please can u come up with new new ideas and make us understand the law of attraction in you r workshop.Thank u
Rupali Joshi
First 3 Days No Anger Challenge

thanku so much Sagar again for this bootcamp, it really helps if one is looking for self empowerment. it helps in many ways, it definitely unlocks your mind, your hidden positivity, change your outlook. :)
Priyanka Mohit Singh,
5 Days Virtual Bootcamp